5 best places to enjoy Bun ca in Hanoi

A bowl of Bun ca (the rice noodles with fried fish) with the crispy fried fish, naturally sweet, sour and spicy broth will make you feel attractive.

In Hanoi, there are a lot of eateries selling Bun ca, even we can easily find 2-3 eateries serving this dish in the same road. However, to find a true taste Bun ca eatery in Hanoi is not easy. The rice noodle with fried fish is processed in a various way. In each region, it has a different taste. All the tastes combine together in the bowl of Bun ca in Hanoi. Some eateries make the eaters disappointed and never come back, but some others can satisfy the most discerning guest. Now we will suggest some highly reccommended addresses.

This eatery is located on Quan Thanh street. It is quite small so it may be difficult to find this shop. There are 2 shops next to each other which can make some guests confused, however, if you pay attention, you will see the small yard of Van shop behind. This yard is quite wide, enough space for 5-6 tables.

It opens from the morning to the noon and always crowded. Especially, at noon, officers often come here so you maybe wait for a long time. However, the bowl of Bun ca will make you satisfied. The attractive Bun ca bowl covers with the crispy fried fish and strong taste broth. A normal bowl costs 30,000VND and enough to make you full because the fish is much more than the rice noodle.

The fried fish here is very crispy, not fishy and not too dried. Even dipped into the broth, it is still crunchy. However, the minus point of this shop is using too much monosodium glutamate.

Trung Yen is a small valley. It is not easy for vehicles to move but there are many good eateries being located in here. The delicious foods in here have been famous for a long time, simple but very well-known. Among them, one dish you must try, it is Bun ca Sam Cay Si. It is located in the bend where the road is widened. Its location is quite wide and convenient.

The bowl of Bun ca is good, the broth with the smelling of tomato, dill and pineapple. The fish used for Bun ca is Tilapia which is fried crispily, very eye-catching and attractive. Especially, the fish sausage is so special that you make you feel curious because you do not know what it is. Not like other places, the fish sausage is made by the owner, not in any shape and mould. It is crispy though being dipped into the broth for a long time.

This eatery opens all day, from the morning to the evening, but if you want to enjoy the most delicious bowl of Bun ca, come here at noon. A bowl of rice noodle costs 35,000VND but enough for you to be full all day and satisfied with its quality.

This Bun ca eatery opens from the noon to the afternoon. Going through Nguyen Thai Hoc street, you will see this shop always crowed, so people line up intermittently. To enjoy the best bowl of Bun ca, you will experience the feeling like lending to get stamps during the subsidy period.

It can be said that, because the shop only opens at noon, the number of guest is big and the owner only fry the fish when the customers order, the diners have to wait for a long time. Besides, you have to line up to get the fried fish first, then get the rice noodle and pay money immediately. At that time, the owner will fry the fish, put into the plate and serve seperatedly with the rice noodle.

Unlike other eateries where the rice noodle, the broth and the fried fish are mixed together, the fried fish and rice noodle are served seperatedly. Certainly, you have to have a bowl of sauce. The sauce of this shop is quite featured, strong taste and very good to be served with the fish.

You have to wait the owner fry the fish however, the crispiness of the fish is ensured. It is so good smelling, eye-catching and hot that you will be attracted at the first sight. A bowl of Bun ca here is 30,000VND with many fried fish, enough for you to be full until afternoon.

This eatery is a family shop, located in an ancient house in Hang Bai valley. It is very crowded at noon. Entering into the house, you will have the feeling of coming back to the old days. Not the feeling of eating on the sidewalk or in any eatery, it is the feeling of enjoying a bowl of Bun ca your grandmother cooks right in her house.

Bun ca here is Bun ca Thai Binh with big rice noodle, the snakehead is yellow, soft and boneless; the borth is not too much and strong taste.

It is not a dry or wet dish so it brings to the customers an interesting feeling. In the bowl of Bun ca here, there are some greaves. This dish is served with vegetables and pickled bamboo shoot with vinegar and chilli, simple but perfect for a lunch in a cool day. The fish here is not fried crispily but simmered to make it soft, sweet and good smelling. The broth is a little salty but good when being served with big rice noodle and sour pickled bamboo shoots.

At the price of 30,000VND, the bowl of rice noodle here is quite samll but still enough for your lunch.

It is a newly opened eatery in recently but is favorited by many diners. This eatery is small but is decoreted simply, neatly and clean. The staffs are fast and enthusiastic.

The fish here is goby and mackerel which is eliminated bones, deep-fried and then dipped into the broth but it is still crispy and good smelling. However, the mackerel is a bit fishy. In addition, this shop also serves the fish entrail dish.

The most special thing of Bun ca in here is the broth. It is different from the other places, spicier, sourer and has a strong taste. It stimulates taste and makes the dish more attractive. Especially, the sour matarind water is available here, which is not popular in other places. The sourness of taramind makes the rice noodle more palatable.

It is newly opened but its quality is quite good. The price is from 35,000 to 50,000VND, not cheap but worthy.

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